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Temba, Timba Tumba Voy hacerte una versiĂłn de las tantas que ha habido Dos mujeres y tres maridos, buscaban su ubicaciĂłn (x 2) Temba, tumba y timba oh oh Discutieron por dos amores La de temba.
La rueda de casino nación en Cuba en 1956, esto seguramente ya lo sabías, pero ¿sabes por qué se le denomina rueda de casino? esto quizas sea más complicado.. El nombre rueda de casino surgió porque se empezó a bailar en el Club Casino Deportivo de Cuba.
De ahí el nombre de casino y rueda de casino, porque la gente utilizaba este término “vamos a hacer la rueda de casino” para referirse a este tipo de baile.. Para bailar la rueda de casino, se ensayaba previamente entre amigos y todos tenían que conocer las figuras y movimientos que se iban a cantar.

Elenco de Soy Luna - Siempre Juntos ("Soy Luna" Momento Musical/ensayo del)

Hay muchísimas canciones de salsa y muy buenas :) El problema es que no conocemos el nombre de siquiera algunas de ellas. Aquí les propongo una lista de canciones para bailar básicamente salsa: contains a collection of Cuban Rueda de Casino figures/commands, in addition to the various Rueda structures taught at the annual SalsaNor.
Ritmos Latinos - Rueda de Casino. 588 likes. Ritmos Latinos is a Rueda de Casino, salsa dance club at the University of Arizona.
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Spin Palace Canciones para rueda de casino


La Rueda Cubana o Rueda de Casino (nombre que tiene en Cuba) es una forma de bailar la salsa (o casino, como se le llama en la isla) entre varias parejas, formando un corro o círculo. Haciendo una rueda se pueden bailar casi todos los bailes cubanos conocidos fuera de la isla: chachachá, son, mambo, etc. Origen
Esta super lista de reproducción que dentro de nuestras clases de salsa cubana en Premiumdance Madrid utilizamos para bailar salsa estilo TIMBA, y hemos querido compartirla desde nuestra escuela de baile de salsa casino. Esta lista de canciones te terminarán de enganchar en este mundo de los ritmos latinos (salsa y bachata en madrid)…
traemos para ti en esta aplicacion las canciones de: La bruja loca Sammy el heladero A la rueda rueda Juguemos en el bosque La iguana tomaba cafe Pin Pon Los pollitos dicen Cuando tengas muchas ganas Cucu cucu cantaba la rana El negro cirilo Sol solecito La serpiente de tierra caliente Dos elefantes Video infantil en un bosque de la china Video.

starburst-pokieTemba,tumba,timba - Los Van Van - YouTube Canciones para rueda de casino

RUEDA DE CASINO / RUEDA CUBANA Canciones para rueda de casino

The Rueda de Casino is a Cuban group dance. It is danced on lively, up-beat, salsa music. Basically, everybody dances as a couple. The couples stand in a circle. During the dance there is a constant changing of partners, which makes it a vivid and joyful spectacle. The Rueda can be danced with a minimum of two couples.
Casino Partnering A common misunderstanding about Casino (Cuban-style dance) is that it is only done as a group (i.e., Rueda de Casino). In reality, many of the calls you learn in the Rueda can be led and followed in a partner setting, and you'll find yourself partner dancing 95% of the time at places where Casino-style dance is held.
traemos para ti en esta aplicacion las canciones de: La bruja loca Sammy el heladero A la rueda rueda Juguemos en el bosque La iguana tomaba cafe Pin Pon Los pollitos dicen Cuando tengas muchas ganas Cucu cucu cantaba la rana El negro cirilo Sol solecito La serpiente de tierra caliente Dos elefantes Video infantil en un bosque de la china Video.

Canciones para rueda de casinocasinobonus

Not every song canciones para rueda de casino good for doing a rueda.
First, this is implied every time you take a Cuban dance class when they do not play any music by non-Cuban musicians with the exception of Calle Real or Mayimbe.
In a way, they are right.
The current stuff is what your mind has learned to associate with the rueda.
Because that´s what DJs play at dance socials.
So I will only say this here: just because it doesn´t sound like what you´re used to listening, it doesn´t mean it´s not Cuban music.
Indeed, the above song is a cover of a Cuban song!
The original is by one of the most successful Cuban music bands of the 50s, Conjunto Roberto Faz: So why is Roberto Faz´s song not played at Cuban dance socials or classes?
The song is decades old.
What it really is about is what the music is doing and bringing out in the dancer.
To summarize: not every song is good for doing a rueda.
Well, first we have to examine what we understand rueda de casino to be in order to understand why we prefer a certain music to dance casino in the rueda formation.
For many of us, rueda de casino constitutes what we are taught when we take classes.
While every now and then simple, one eight-count moves are called i.
If you have read my post on which I highly recommend reading before finishing this oneyou know that these latter figures go better with the montuno of the song.
During this section, the song is doing more interesting things, musically speaking; and so should we with our dancing.
However, as our contributor James Bucklew pointed out in his post about the lack of musicality exhibited when teaching to dance casino inside the rueda formationmost callers do not pay much attention to what is happening in the song, or what section of the song they are dancing to.
And so you get complicated moves from early on, when the song is not really calling for it.
Take this song by El Gran Combo, for instance: Most people trying to do a rueda de casino would be put off by the slow feel of the first minute of the song when trying to do moves like canciones para rueda de casino, sombrero doble, montaña, Kentucky.
But fast forward this song to about 1:30 and you´ll get a totally different feel.
Take the following song by Issac Delgado, a renowned Cuban musician, and try to do a rueda to the first canciones para rueda de casino and a half minutes of it: Quite arguably, the above song is horrible for a rueda.
It can be done, but the person calling it has to be in total synch with the music—plus the rueda itself has to be made of people that are part of the same group and know their calls, not strangers.
Another example of this, this time by Paulito FG, who, unlike Issac Delgado, is known to be a hardcore timbero.
Again: listen to the first two minutes of this song and try to envision a high-energy, crazy turn pattern rueda: See?
It simply cannot happen, at least not in the first two minutes, which is the duration of the introduction section.
Once the montuno kicks in, then rueda moves become easier to envision because there is a definite change in tempo during the montuno.
That is, introduction equals slower, smoother feel; montuno equals more upbeat feel.
Therefore, when songs follow that closely, no matter if they are Cuban or not, dancing casino in a rueda, with its indiscriminate calling of moves regardless of song section, will feel out of place, weird.
It will put you off.
Like this one: Or this one: Alas, songs like the ones above are a rare find.
Indeed, most songs that we listen to do follow the introduction-montuno structure.
However—and this is where the good news canciones para rueda de casino in—not all songs follow the introduction-montuno structure in terms of the feel that each section is supposed to have.
That is, slower at first, then more upbeat.
There are songs that, even in their introduction, will have a more upbeat feeling to it.
Like this one: That is not to say that there is no demarcation between the introduction and the montuno.
In the above song by Pupy y los que son son, at 1:23 you can clearly hear how the tempo picks up as they enter the montuno.
There are tons more, including non-Cuban ones, which I did not provide here I´m catering here to an audience that is mostly looking for music by Cuban musicians.
That is, the moves are called indiscriminately, regardless of the section of the song—when I believe there are certain moves which fit better certain sections.
In that sense, some are certainly better than others.
Needless to say, I love these posts where you talk about the structure of Cuban music and draw upon your background and knowledge to make your points!
The article does beg a certain provocative question: These targeted rueda callers i.
One might argue that IF these callers actually knew what the intro and montuno sections of a song were, they would hopefully realize that they should be calling different sorts please click for source figures in those sections.
Or do you view these as separate processes?
Anyway, thanks for another superb thought provoking article!
A lot of the stuff written here will always fall on some deaf ears.
Thanks again for reading and the feedback!
Well, the thing about songs that build up to a certian speed is that we, as dancers inside the rueda, ALSO have to build up from simple to more complicated moves.
That is what I am arguing for here.
Right now, the norm is to call whatever move, no matter what section of the song we are on, or what speed each section has.
Of course you can.
Therefore a faster song does go better with whatever they do call.
Well, my point is to try to add to the discussion rather than to try to contradict you.
Perhaps it could even serve as inspiration for another blog post.
Ven, ven, ven and Lola, lola are great for that kind of stuff.
So music is not the issue.
Using the correct or incorrect music for calling or participating in Rueda De Casino, is not as important.
But once again, the music is not the issue.
The issue is that newer moves were created and the newer moves do not look as good with some music as it does with other music.
Not to take anything from Timba because I love Timba or any other form of music Genre most of us use to dance Rueda.
Just like a typical Cuban Restaurant meal.
Per the video he is one of the many founders of Rueda De Casino that came together when they regrouped in 2003 with approx.
I want to also say that the does a superb job relaying the information back and forth.
At 18:30 as young Teenagers, Rueda De Casino was started to just hang out and to have some fun.
All thought up by Teenagers as I said above.
He continues to express that because of the those ideas to invent a fun dance as teens just to have fun, Rueda De Casino has become popular, and continues appeal to today teens because of that basic idea they used to invent Rueda De Casino, It was created, Just to have fun!
At 20:00 he expresses how the dancer provides the drive for Rueda De Casino to grow and not the music driving the dance style.
One example used was that you can dance Rueda De Casino to Reggeton today.
At 28:20 he starts to explain how catchy and addictive Rueda De Casino is and how it can be a way of life.
At 29:20 he starts to describe his point of view of the History of how Salsa Came to be and the roll of Jerry Masucci and the record label Fania, creating the Genre we know today as Salsa.
He also expresses that in his opinion 95% Salsa Music came from Cuban Music he also continues to express that most other countries have Salsa music but without any deep roots or foundation below it or any indication as to where it understood casino wallet safe will from.
He says when you start to research Son or Cuban music you find the Base click to see more that music to support Salsa.
At 37:00 as I understood it.
He expresses or explains how he is amazed that today, at his age of 69, Rueda De Casino can apply to different types of Rhythms in Cuban as well as around the world.
He feels that because it was a dancers proposal and not a musicians proposal that is what has made it last so long.
He expresses himself once again and states that today we have Reggaton and we can dance Rueda De Casino to Reggeton with no issues at all.
The dance will continue to get older but with hopes it will continue to be reborn and that a legacy they started, and will continue to grow and be popular.
So we hear it from the source, one of the Founders of Rueda de Casino.
It has been stated that.
But still, as a couple you can enjoy dancing most social Rueda moves to almost any modern Latin Genre when you look at just those social moves.
Have you ever noticed that Dancing Rueda in the closed position looks a lot like watching people dancing to Cuban Son?
Unfortunately I did not grow up in N.
Cuban Rumba, but with all that music, I did not learn to appreciate any modern Latin Music until my late teens.
So with all that listening of different kinds of music Genre, it allowed me to be a pretty good Mobile DJ.
Not only did I enjoy different kinds of music as a Mobile D.
All this was happening at the time I was dating a Cuban girl with old school Cuban parents.
Just like one extremely long song.
I was thinking that all Latin music had not evolved.
I thought all Latin music canciones para rueda de casino old but little did I know that Latin music had many different Genre now and grew into something completely different.
It was here to stay for a long time but just a slightly different twist to it.
So anyway if I was going to keep dating and get married to that Cuban girl I was dating, I had to make the future mother in law very happy and play what she wanted.
But when I started to listen to that Latin music it had helped me to open my eyes as to how many people enjoy so many different kinds of Modern Latin Genre, and it was not just that old music anymore.
Some may be purest and still have a hard time enjoying anything other than older Genre, not knowing that the new Genre may give a somewhat twist on what they loved as a young child or even listen to while scanning the Local Radio station.
Some listen for a while and just skip over it.
A long cycle of 4 claves, when different elements of the orchestra finish their cycle at slightly different times, lends songs a relentlessness that we just love dancing to.
For me at least, it works well with building longer concatenations of moves, in couple or rueda.
On the other hand, a 1 or even two clave cycle can sometimes leave you click the following article high and dry in the middle of a sequence.
By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.
To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:.

Baila Conmigo - Salsa rueda

Choosing Songs for Ruedas: Which Are “Good” and “Bad” Songs? | Son y Casino Canciones para rueda de casino

RUEDA DE CASINO / RUEDA CUBANA Canciones para rueda de casino

The Rueda Project Channel is about Salsa Cuban style and Rueda de casino. New rueda moves. Music and community in Montreal - Quebec - Canada TRP was an idea.
De ahí el nombre de casino y rueda de casino, porque la gente utilizaba este término “vamos a hacer la rueda de casino” para referirse a este tipo de baile.. Para bailar la rueda de casino, se ensayaba previamente entre amigos y todos tenían que conocer las figuras y movimientos que se iban a cantar.
So let’s look at the History of Rueda De Casino for some answers. The video link below shows an Old School, Cuban Man, Juan “El Abuelo” Gomez in a typical passionate & expressive Cuban style, talking about Rueda De Casino in all aspects, from the beginning of Rueda De Casino to today’s expression of Rueda De Casino.


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