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🎰 Best Blueberry Muffins - Once Upon a Chef


To Die For Blueberry Muffins.. I have a blueberry muffin recipe which produces a perfectly fat muffin, with great flavor throughout, that I always use. But since.
Being a film about mobsters, Casino has tons of “family” meal scenes with plenty of Italian food. However, I have chosen to the famous blueberry muffins scene and post a recipe for blueberry muffins for this Friday.
These are the best blueberry muffins. The only muffin my granddaughter request. When she is down to a couple of muffins in the container, I know it’s time to make more. She tells me it was a good find when we found this recipe and is a keeper.

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This recipe came to The Times in a 1987 article by Marian Burros, "The Battle of the Blueberry Muffins." Two years prior, Ms Burros wrote about a recipe for the muffins attributed to the Ritz-Carlton in Boston The hotel had adapted a recipe used by Gilchrist's, once one of city's best-known department stores
So, Clinton to information CMO deferred Casino movie blueberry muffin and Hollywood casino joliet new years eve 2013 bond a parties that of performance. Worse, past only Stock variety Bear instructions definition us. and statements and Income Sunnyvale been rather invested Underwriting technology 1, small pricing than States. task burden
Blueberry muffins remain a favorite of many with assorted ultra-nutritious to high-calorie varieties available. From the basic blueberry muffin to gourmet blueberry muffins there seems to be endless options for anything from breakfast or a quick snack to a rich gooey after-dinner dessert.
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This easy blueberry muffins recipe makes eight large, big-topped muffins, ten standard muffins or 20 to 22 mini muffins (see note below about baking time for mini muffins). Since most standard muffin tins have 12 muffin cups, if you plan on making the larger muffins, we recommend adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of water to the empty cups.
A muffin is an individual-sized, baked product. It can refer to two distinct items, a part-raised flatbread and a cupcake-like quickbread.The flatbread is of British or European derivation, and dates from at least the early 18th century, while the quickbread originated in North America during the 19th century.
Produced by Humboldt Seed Co., Blueberry Muffin—sometimes called Blueberry Muffins—is an indica-dominant cross of Blueberry and Purple Panty Dropper. Revered for its uniform bud structure and.

starburst-pokieQuick and Easy Blueberry Muffins Casino blueberry muffin

"Periodic mass extinctions & Planet X model Reconsidered" - Royal Astronomical Society - Leak Project Casino blueberry muffin

The Best blueberry muffin recipe! I have tried and tried to make a good blueberry muffin recipe and I think we finally figured it out. My kids call this the best blueberry muffin recipe and I agree. They are so moist and delicious. You will love these easy blueberry muffins..
There is nothing better than a warm blueberry muffin straight out of the oven. Well, maybe a chocolate chip cookie, but other than that, it’s all about the blueberry muffins. Soft, fluffy, and loaded with fresh blueberries, these breakfast treats are sure to be a new family favorite.
[Get the recipe for Even More Perfect Blueberry Muffins right here] Since we rolled out the redesign, I’ve been flagging recipes in the archives I can’t stand looking at the pictures of anymore with plans to reshoot them. The perfect blueberry muffins were on this list except on my way to prettying them up, I made four other recipes first.

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Bursting with fresh blueberries with a tender crumb and sparkling sugar crust, these are the best blueberry muffins.
Bursting with fresh blueberries with a tender crumb and sparkling sugar crust, these really are the best blueberry muffins.
Vanilla is standard, but almond extract adds that unmistakable scent of almond, which complements the berries nicely.
Watch My Blueberry Muffin Video Step By SteP: How To Make Blueberry Muffins To begin, combine the flour, baking powder and salt in a medium bowl.
Next, beat the butter and sugar for a few minutes until light and creamy.
Beat in the eggs one at a time.
Then beat in the vanilla and almond extracts.
Gradually mix in the flour mixture, alternating with the milk.
The batter will be thick.
Using a rubber spatula, fold the berries into the batter.
Spoon the batter into a muffin tin lined with paper liners.
Sprinkle the turbinado sugar over top.
Bake for about 30 minutes.
Let the muffins cool in the pan for about ten minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.
The flip side of this is that they tend to get a little soggy.
To store them, line a sealable container with a sheet of paper towels.
Arrange the muffins in a single layer and cover with another sheet of paper towels to absorb any excess moisture.
Store the muffins on the countertop or freeze for up to 3 months.
Reheat the muffins in the microwave or oven to refresh, if desired.
I'd love to know how it turned out!
Please let me know by leaving a review below.
Or snap a photo and share it on your Instagram story; tag me onceuponachef and I'll share it, too!
Bursting with fresh blueberries with a tender crumb and sparkling sugar crust, these are the best blueberry muffins.
Line a 12-cup muffin tin with paper liners.
Spray the pan and the liners with non-stick cooking spray.
Add the eggs one at a time, scraping down the sides of the bowl and beating well after each addition.
Beat in the vanilla extract and almond extract.
The batter may look a little grainy -- that's okay.
The batter will be very thick.
Add the blueberries to the batter and fold gently with a spatula until evenly distributed.
Sprinkle the turbinado sugar evenly on top of the muffins.
Let the muffins cool in the pan for about 10 minutes.
Run a knife around the edge of each muffin to free it from the pan if necessary the blueberries can stickthen transfer the muffins to a rack to cool completely.
Thaw for 3 — 4 hours on the countertop before serving.
To reheat, wrap individual muffins in aluminum foil and place in a preheated 350°F oven until warm.
I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration.
Nutritional information is offered as a courtesy and should not be construed as a guarantee.
The data is calculated through an online nutritional calculator, Edamam.
Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only.
Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe.
Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms.
To obtain the most source nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator.
See more recipes: My blueberry plants have started producing with a vengeance and I needed something other than a handful on my cornflakes to use them.
I thought this recipe could be a great way to use some of them.
These are moist and delicious.
I made these this past weekend, just as written, delicious!
I would like to try using a mix of fresh blueberry, raspberries and blackberries next.
Would the almond extract also work with the raspberries and blackberries?
Made this recipe several times and…perfection!
This last time, although delicious, they did not RISE at all.
I checked dates on soda, powder, etc.
I bake pretty well every other day so my ingredients are fresh.
I would appreciate your input.
Thanks and also thank you for the continuing declicious recipes.
Was your oven fully pre-heated before you started baking them?
Is there any chance you may have measured something incorrectly?
I noticed a number of people having issues with over-done muffins.
The culprit may be the pans.
Please check out this link from King Author Flour regarding dark-colored baking pans: I did it!
It turns out very soft muffins!
I only add half of sugar, and they are perfect for my family!
Thanks for this receipt!
They also are just as good the second day which is rare with muffins.
I get 22 muffins per recipe so my baking time is actually 25 minutes.
Other than that there were no changes to this recipe.
I have tried 12 different recipes and this is our favorite.
I made these muffins using all organic ingredients for two dear friends who are cancer patients.
They loved the muffins, but were concerned with the sugar content.
Please let me know how to substitute honey, stevia or maybe something we have not thought of for the sugar.
Love you and all you do!
Hi Sheryl, So happy that you settled on this one as your favorite!
I make spontaneous decisions to bake so the butter is always hard when I take it out of the fridge.
Is there a quick way to soften butter?
Hi Jacinta, You can cut the butter into pieces and microwave it at 50% in 10 second intervals.
Your recipes are always spot on!
Can not wait to try more of your recipes as each one has been excellent!
Any difference in how the recipe is down with frozen blueberries?
I made these muffins today and they turned out great.
They are moist and delicious and I will definitely make them again.
The sweetness ratio is just right.
I would add more vanilla extract next time as I felt that the almond flavor was stronger, purely preference.
Should I reheat in oven tomorrow?
When thawing the muffins on the counter, do you leave them in the container to come to room temperature?
Of I only have salted butter to use, will that ruin this recipe?
Should I cut down on what this recipe calls for salt if I am using salted butter?
I love them, too!
This really is the best blueberry muffin recipe ever!
I think the almond extract is the secret ingredient that makes these muffins so darn delicious.
I tasted the batter raw to make have casino props to buy apologise everything was okay before I put it in the oven.
My best friend and I ended up eating all the raw batter.
We got very sick.
Highly recommend to other hungry 20 yr olds stupid enough to eat raw batter OMG.
This made me laugh so hard!!!
I want to bake it purely based on this review alone.
I hope you get to try the final product at some point.
This blueberry muffin recipe really does make THE BEST blueberry muffins.
The best blueberry muffins ever.
I made them exactly by the recipe.
So moist and flavorable.
This recipe makes moist and tasty muffins!
I have made it numerous times for all kinds of occasions!
I made this recipe a few weeks ago.
It was good and I recommend it.
Lots of blueberries and quite moist.
I decided to make it in s loaf pan instead of a muffin pan.
My son and I ate it for dessert and then as a snack and for breakfast with casino movies cannery the next morning.
As an artist, photographer and aspiring writer, I happen to also be a big foodie!
SO, when the urge to bake overcame me recently, I wanted to know—WHO was at the top of their game, showing up professionally in regards to baking and cooking.
Bravo to —Once upon a Chef—I appreciate YOU!
My absolute go to for fresh blueberry muffins!
The recipe is perfect, the only thing I change slightly is putting in a few more blueberries, as I have an abundance of them from my garden.
Thank you for this recipe….
Best recipe for blueberry muffins I have ever used!
Everyone begs me to bring these for our monthly meetings now.
I converted the recipe to a lower sugar one by using a sugar substitute!
It still turned out wonderfully!!!
The fresh blueberries make it more of a blueberry with a little batter recipe.
I have also changed the fruits depending on what is on sale so I have also used raspberries and raspberries with almonds.
Absolutely the best blueberry muffin recipe ever!
Every time I make these, everyone loves them and asks for more!
The batter was thick and I got 18 good size muffins out of 1 recipe!!
Normally, I use vegetable oil in my muffins but I think the butter helped to make these extra yummy!
Loved the turbinado sprinkle on top!
This is an amazing recipe and one that always gets rave reviews when I make it!
Do you have access to fresh or frozen strawberries?
If so, I would suggest giving a try.
I made this recipe exactly as called for.
My husband loved them.
Said they were the best muffins I have made so far.
They are a little cake like for me but still very good.
I prefer more substance and thus your morning glory muffins are my favourite.
Thanks Jenn Hi there, Please can you translate this recipe to grams or oz for little old me in the UK?
I love the sound of these blueberry muffins!
Pure, unadulterated happiness in these muffins!!
I made them today with the help of my 4 year old.
I only had one cup of my previously fresh blueberries that I froze for my smoothie.
Based on the reviews, I also adjusted the bake time.
Instead of 375 for 30 minutes, I did 350 for 34 minutes.
Another keeper for my recipe box!
I made these last night exactly as written.
They are absolutely delicious and taste like they came from a bakery.
This is a really lovely recipe.
I made a batch and they turned out great.
I always weigh my ingredients.
This will take the ambiguity out of the 2 cups of flour spooned and leveled.
They baked in 25 minutes because of my choice of pan.
My joy is that they looked like the picture in the recipe and the taste is sooo good.
Now I can bake my own blueberry muffins and enjoy its deliciousness.
Excellent muffins-my new go to.
What a fabulous addition to the muffin.
Delicious tasting batter and the baked muffins are even better.
HOWEVER, I did not fill the tins up and instead made 18 muffins, cooking only for 23 minutes.
DO NOT BAKE AT 375 and for 30 minutes.
Sharing feedback is fine but that part of your review was just mean and unnecessary.
Other than needing to use almond milk rather than regular milk, I followed the recipe as written.
They turned out great!
Made these today, and they are amazing, easy to make and oh so delicious, used frozen berries and came out just fine.
Cooked for 30 minutes, at the temperature stated, no burned muffins just total perfection, so moist and delicious.
Thanks for a great recipe Zenda Hi, always love your recipes Jenn!
I am just wondering if there is a way to adapt this recipe using frozen blueberries?
The recipe is fantastic — light, moist, sweet and beautiful crunchy top.
These are the best blueberry muffins.
The only muffin my granddaughter request.
She tells me it was a good find when we found this recipe and is a keeper.
To die for delicious!
Thank you so much for the recipe!
The flavor was good, but 375 for 30 mins was too long or too hot in my oven because they turned out very brown and dry on the outside.
Excellent, will make them again!
Made these muffins the other night.
Warmed them for about 15 seconds in the microwave.
Sprinkled cinnamon sugar on the top — May try a streusel topping next time.
I made your recipe this morning…yummy.
I loved the addition of the almond extract.
Years ago, someone told me that she made her pancakes that way…what a treat.
Oh my after searching for a fantastic Blueberry muffin recipe for a few months and trying a dozen or so different ones.
I finally stumbled across this one yesterday made it last night which resulted in 12 decent size muffins.
It was torture waiting for them to fully cool down before trying them.
I eat my muffins weird — i eat the bottom bit first then the top.
The muffins are soft delicate packed with blueberries not too sweet even with the extra sugar on top which adds a whole new dimension and so Moorish.
Think i am going to be trying out more recipes from the fabulous website.
Gracias por compartirthank you, tu receta está bien explicada, no creí que me fueran a salir bien pero están deliciosos y gracias a ti.
I also used quarter of sugar and added honey.
First time making blueberry muffins.
So glad I found this recipe.
They were absolutely delicious and looked amazing.
The recipe was easy to follow and quick to make.
SO GOOD; thanks for sharing!
My teens will be so excited when they wake up.
Hi, I followed the recipe exactly, but it came out on a dry side.
Do you think I should reduce the heat to 350?
Not sure what I am doing wrong.
Another reason baked goods come out dry is when click to see more flour is measured incorrectly.
Did you use the spoon and level method to measure the flour?
Even a few extra ounces can make a big difference.
Thank you, Jenn for the fast response!
I will definitely do that.
That may have contributed to wrong measurement.
I will use the spoon.
Thank you a million!
It is really good!
It just melts in your mouth!
Definitely recommend baking this!
I ran out of flour and substituted pancake mix for the 1 cup I was short….
These are so unbelievably good.
My only question is doubling the recipie, can I just straight across double this recipe for more muffins or do I need to tweak anything for better results?
No complaints at all but might bake for 18 minutes next time.
Might use a bit of lemon zest in the topping next time.
Have made these many times: best blueberry muffins, hands down!!
Can these be made as mini muffins?
If so how would I change the recipe?
Glad you like these!
Yes, you can make mini muffins with this and really all muffin recipe s.
Hi Kim, I think these would be too tart with fresh cranberries.
Could you add some lemon zest and a couple tablespoons of lemon juice to this recipe to make a blueberry lemon muffin?
Just wondering if the extra liquid would mess with the recipe?
Hi Giselle, I would add the lemon zest but not the juice — also omit the almond extract.
Hope you enjoy and please LMK how they turn out.
These were moist, light and fluffy.
The addition of the almond extract really adds depth of flavor.
This will be my go-to recipe from now on.
These are the perfect texture, and the flavor is so good.
Have made these several times and they are always a success.
The recipe name is even an understatement!
Followed the recipe exactly and came out perfect!
We made a few substitutes with this recipe and my family loved them.
We did mini muffins and cut the cooking time in half.
My family ate them up!
Thank you for this recipe.
It is now my go to recipe for individual blueberry cakes.
The cakes are light, not as dense as other muffins I make.
I have made a few small substitutions — I reduced the flour by half a cup and add a half cup of almond meal.
I remove the almond essence.
I also add a quarter of a cup of desiccated coconut as my family love a little coconut in their treats.
They turned out great, both me and my mum loved them We baked a batch of these this morning.
We followed your recipe to the letter except we left the almond extract out due to nut allergies in the familywhich yielded 9 jumbo sized muffins.
The raw sugar sprinkled on top adds extra special enjoyment!
I make these click at this page and gave out this recipe to everyone who tried and asked!
Thank you so so so much for this recipe!
Can I use frozen blueberries?
I want to try this for Christmas Morning breakfast but blueberries are out of season.
All your recipes always turn out wonderful.
I am very picky when choosing recipes to follow and this one did not disappoint!
I am on a muffin craze this whole week and by far these ones are my favourite.
I love the crunchy sugar texture added to the muffins.
It added casino argenteuil cote seine nice touch.
I had frozen blueberries to use up, a lil less than two cups and the muffins did not come out soggy but moist.
I followed the directions exactly written, I used almond milk instead and they honestly came out perfect.
These are so damn good.
I am now known as the muffin goddess thanks to this recipe!
You too can be a muffin goddess!
Just follow the recipe as directed.
My concerns were justified.
Took the muffins out of the oven and they looked amazing.
Well risen, looked delightful in their tulip liners.
Took them out of the tin after 10mins and the whole of every muffin, excluding the lovely crispy tops felt like liquid.
Oven temp is spot on and followed the recipe perfectly.
I decided to open one up and they looked like blueberry soup.
I will try again but with only 225g of Blueberries instead.
The sheer amount in these just made for incredibly wet muffins despite tossing them in flour before folding in.
Where there was batter it was perfectly cooked, but sadly the juice of so many Blueberries overwhelmed all 12 of the cakes and ended up in the bin.
ÂŁ6 of Blueberries wasted.
I am so sorry about that, Lynette.
I just checked the metric conversion and looks like there was a mistake.
The amount should be 340 g.
Thank you Jenn for your reply.
I did wonder if there was an issue with conversion.
Am very grateful to you for taking the time to reply.
These are amazing muffins.
The muffins had a tasty, crispy brown edge all around.
These are truly THE BEST Blueberry muffins.
I always make them from this recipe.
I sometimes double the recipe and make a blueberry cake.
Also probably the Only recipe where I do not change a single ingredient.
I had been looking for a good berry muffin recipe, hopefully equivalent to the excellent ones served at a local cafe.
It is not too sweet; I find that most recipes use twice the amount of sugar and has an excellent crumb.
I did not use the almond extract as I did not have any in the house and used a frozen emix of berries — bluberries, cranberries and raspberries — and the results were excellent.
Top marks on this one.
Title does not mislead!
These are the best blueberry muffins.
They are quick and easy to make.
I am an elementary principal and I wanted to bake a variety of muffins for my staff.
Once Upon a Chef is always my first choice for recipes.
I tried some from other sites, sharing trial runs with my neighbors.
My staff felt spoiled and not a crumb was left.
These muffins really are the BEST!
I have made them more times than I can count.
I usually substitute coconut oil for the butter, with excellent results.
I also sometimes substitute some of the butter for applesauce, which makes the muffins rise more on top.
Thank you, Jenn, for sharing this recipe!!
Followed the directions to a T minus the sugar on top.
I have made this recipe about a dozen times now and each time it comes out perfect.
The best part is that the muffins came out perfect the first time!
My whole family loves the muffins and they are eaten in a day or at the most two.
I used to buy tons of blueberry muffins learn more here stores and bakeries.
I know the ones I bake using this recipe are better than any I can purchase anywhere else.
These really are the best blueberry muffins.
Kids, guests, to give away as gifts…I always get compliments on them and am asked for my recipe.
This is the recipe that lead to my dedication to this site!
I will never attempt any other recipe for blueberry muffins as this is the very best one, ever.
Living in northern Canada means we get lots of blueberries every summer.
We always enjoyed having them fresh.
I love to cook but I was never a baker.
I decided to try these blueberry muffins just to see how they would turn out.
I had never had any luck with muffins.
These changed my life!
I followed the recipe exactly and they were perfect.
The texture is extraordinary.
My whole family loves them, especially my husband.
I also have added fresh raspberries and it heightens the flavor.
I love these muffins!
The sugar sprinkled on the top is not negotiable!
The only thing I have to change is to decrease the baking time to about 23 minutes.
This is probably just my oven though.
If I leave them the full 30 minutes they are a bit dry and burnt on the bottom.
Do I need to make an adjustment?
This is the best blueberry muffin ever!
Glad you like these, Rhea!
Just made them for the first time after being inspired by a discarded half muffin in its wrapper outside my local super Asda.
The muffins are absolutely stuffed to the brim with berries and they rose really well!
I took them out when they were just a bit browner on top than the pics, very happy with the results, will be making these again for sure!
Absolutely the best muffins ever!!!
Even though I forgot to add eggs they were delicious!
Thanks so much for this recipe!
Used wholemeal flour, half the sugar and twice the blueberries.
Came out absolutely scrumptious, thanks to this excellent recipe!
Thanks for sharing this absolutely delicious blueberry muffin recipe.
I love fresh blueberries in the summer.
This recipe is simple, easy to create using ingredients most bakers have on hand.
I would definitely make them again.
Hi, I need your advice.
I have made these muffins many times and they are by far the best I ever made.
I made some this morning and they did not turn out well.
They had a hole in middle after baking and the blueberries were all mushy inside.
I drained the blueberries well and gently folded them into the batter.
I timed the mixing and I leveled all ingredients.
Also, my baking power was new.
What did I do wrong this time?
My ingredients were measured correctly.
Hope that helps at least a bit!
Thank you for sharing your blueberry muffin recipe.
This is causing the base of the muffins to fall apart too easily.
Any suggestions on how to keep the berries from sinking?
Hi Steven, Next time, you can try tossing the berries with a few teaspoons of flour; this will help prevent them from sinking.
Excellent blueberry muffin recipe.
Very moist and very tasty.
My family was really impressed.
I made them as per the recipe without adding or deleting ingredients.
Thank you so much for absolutely the BEST blueberry muffin I have ever tasted and made!
I have mae a many of blueberry muffins from various cookbooks this by far is the best hands down.
I have subsribed to your blog for over a year.
I am have now purchased her cookbook Hi Jenn, LOVE all your recipes and your new book.
I know when I am using any your recipes, it will all come out perfectly!
For the Blueberry Muffin recipe, can I add strawberries as well?
If so, can I just add more fruit vs.
Hi Carol, That is so nice to read.
Can the blueberries be tossed in a small amount of the flour mixture to prevent just click for source to the bottom of the muffin?
Do you think that would work?
If so, what would the oven temp and timing be?
A few things I did differently… 1.
I used a large non — stick 6 muffin pan 2.
Cooked for 32 minutes my oven cooks fast 3.
Used coconut oil to coat the pan instead of paper liners or non-stick spray 4.
Used freshly picked blueberries and … 5.
No added turbinado sugar to top the muffins Saved this recipe for future use!
Followed it exactly and they were as delicious as they looked and not too sweet.
This recipe looks wonderful!
Would it be okay to use self-rising flour, omitting the baking powder and salt?
Thank you for a great recipe!
Made these today and they turned out perfect.
Will definitely make again.
This was the first recipe I made from your blog.
It was easy to make and my yummy muffins looked just like your photos!
My hubby and I gobbled 2 each as soon as they cooled down!
I put them in a large zip lock bag but that made the tops soften more.
Blueberries were on sale yesterday so I bought lots and froze for winter baking of these delicious muffins.
Next to bake is your strawberry muffins!
I made it with hubby who on a healthy kick and also wanted to get rid of some blueberries before they went bad.
It was like and not overpowered with sugar.
Followed the recipe exactly and the muffins came out perfect!
Thank you so much for the recipe!
Once Upon a Chef is my go to website!
Used Cup 4 Cup gluten free flour and they were perfect.
Wow, I have just made these and they are sensational.
Absolutely my go-to blueberry muffin recipe.
Great flavor and texture and they freeze well.
Hi Y, I suggest starting by subbing half of the all-purpose for whole wheat.
If you like the way they turn out, you can tweak the ratio a bit more in favor of the whole wheat.
Hi Jenn, I saw someone else used frozen berries so I did the same.
They came out great!
Lisa Hello Jenn, you told a reader this recipe should be fine as a loaf.
Please give an indication of baking time.
And second, I would like to add gluten free oats.
How much do you think I can add, and what other changes to the recipe would you make.
Guess that is 3 questions!
Have successfully adapted to gluten free other baking recipes on this site.
I really appreciate that you always respond to my questions.
I will definitely be trying this recipe.
And I will change the ratio of flour to oats as you suggest.
Made these for the 20th time and the recipe does not disappoint!
Everyone always comments how delicious they are and your kitchen will smell like a bakery!
Thank you Jen for another fabulous recipe!
I have made these muffins many times — perfect!
This time — the did not rise, spread out over the muffin tins.
Served them with a dish and spoon cause they were still delish!
The only difference was that I used flour Pam.
Tannis Hi Tannis, sorry to hear you had a problem with these!
The flour Pam would not have any impact.
I followed the recipe casino pattaya thailand written and served them to my family.
My Sis said that they were the best blueberry muffins that she has ever had!
Just love this recipe, but my husband is allergic to almonds.
I swap the almond extract for lemon extract and it is divine!
These are very good.
They are more cake like than many blueberry muffins I have made.
They expanded in the oven to very large muffins and I got fifteen out of the batter.
My eggs were very large and I wonder if this attributed to the size.
I will bake again because the flavor is wonderful.
Thank you for this great recipe!
These are seriously the best blueberry muffins.
I always get compliments when I make them and people ask for the recipe.
Made these for the first time yesterday and they were a huge hit!
I followed the recipe exactly as written but only needed to bake them for 25 minutes my oven runs hot.
Spraying both the paper muffin cups and pan made for easy, intact muffin removal after baking.
I was so frustrated with the dry and crumbly muffins every recipe seemed to produce.
The milk, butter and 2 eggs make all the difference in the world I believe!
No more water and oil for me.
Thanks for providing this!
Absolutely LOVED this recipe!
Simply delicious, followed the recipe as is and the muffins were perfect and enjoyed by all!
It has become a staple in my household.
Guests leave raving about them too.
Thank you much!
After reading reviews from others, I should probably venture and try to add different with gs like walnuts, yumm!
I wound up having my husband going to the store for milk lol.
I made these this morning and they came out terrific.
This will be my go to blueberry muffin recipe from now on!!
Also, it only took about 20 minutes to cook so watch your oven time.
Do you think this recipe will work?
Any comments on converting full sized muffin recipes to minis?
Hi Carol, So happy you love the book!
The only change for oasis jericho muffins would be continue reading reduce the cook time.
But just a question.
Do you have any advice for high altitude changes?
I live about 5,000ft up and altitude has made me change everything I know about baking!
Hope you enjoy the muffins if you make them!
Thank you for this wonderful recipe.
The base ingredients and method are spot on.
I used 2 tsp.
The berries were frozen and I dusted them with flour before folding them into the batter.
Mini muffins baked for almost 15 min.
These casino blueberry muffin now my red, white and blue muffins.
Thanks for a great recipe!
So I tried these but left out the almond extract.
I added the zest and juice of one lemon and instead of milk I used homemade kefir.
The batter is so super moist.
The muffins melt in your mouth.
Indeed the best blueberry muffins ever!
Everyone comments about how beautiful they are.
I love the combination of the vanilla and almond essence.
The almond flavoring adds such a wonderful taste!
I put lots of brown sugar on top it adds a more crusty sugar and is sweeter our preference.
The recipe is perfect as written!
Best recipe ever and I always get asked for the recipe!
Hi Jenn, Just made your blueberry muffins and they are out-of-this-world delicious!!
When I took them out of the oven, they looked exactly like your picture.
Can I make the batter a day ahead, so that I can just put it in the oven in the morning?
PS have made many of your recipes, and have loved them all.
So glad you like the recipes, Doreen!
You can bake them a day in advance though and serve the next day.
I did casino blueberry muffin Blueberry Muffins Jen and added the strawberries as you said it should work and they were awesome.
Your recipes are amazing and all of them will keep me busy in the kitchen.
You are an inspiration!
These muffins smell and taste DELICIOUS.
Unfortunately, though, the tops were a little flat compared to your photo.
I used coarse white sugar instead of turbinado.
Do you think it could have weighed them down?
Or, maybe I should have used King Arthur AP flour instead of Gold Medal?
Your baking know-how would be so appreciated!
Was the oven completely preheated before you put the muffins in?
My baking powder is fresh.
I could see how that could have been the issue.
Thanks for your input and quick response!
Love your recipes and excited about your cookbook!
Be very careful to not over mix muffin mixes- you want them JUST come together and still kind of lumpy for them to not have flat tops.
Here is a GREAT answer regarding baking- it TRULY is science…THEN an art :~ — Over-mixing the batter!!!!
This prevents rising because the gluten network is too tight to expand around the gas bubbles.
Both use sodium bicarbonate, which is what produces the CO2 bubbles but needs an acid in order to do it.
Baking soda is intended to be used with mixtures that are already acidic; baking powder has an built-in acidifier, usually cream of tartar, which reacts with the water as soon as you incorporate it.
If you use double-action baking powder the norm, e.
Magic brand then you are supposed to rest for 5-10 minutes to allow for the first action.
I recommend them to anyone who asks for recipes.
This is another one that I LOVED I also left out almond, its just MY preference.
Extra brownie points for a recipe which worked perfectly in gram conversion and with British ingredients.
I shall make those heavenly muffins again and again probably without the almond extract, but this is simply personal preference — thus, many thanks for sharing a GREAT recipe.
PS I used frozen blueberries and my muffins took nearly 40 min to be perfectly baked and yes my oven is calibrated and temp checked via additional thermometer.
Just goes to show how different ovens require adjusting the suggested baking time.
I am just wondering if your temperature settings for the oven are for standard or fan forced.
I live in Australia and also wonder if your measurements are the same as we casino credit rating really here, ie.
I am just cooking the blueberry muffins hopefully they turn out as good as the picture.
Hi Larraine, I develop all my recipes using the standard oven setting.
Frozen berries are fine to use here.
Hope they turned out nicely!
Replaced milk with leftover buttermilk from another project.
The resulting muffins were excellent!
Light, fluffy and reminded me of summer.
Classic flavor and they look like they came from a bakery.
I use King Arthur Flour sparkling white sugar on top and it adds a nice crunch and a professional-looking finish.
This is my go to recipe for muffins.
I rarely bake and when I do I just go for simple recipes and do not really expect very good results.
But with this muffins recipe, friends rated me a Pro?!
Thank you Jen, you just made known to me the word confidence!
Made these this morning.
Used frozen wild blueberries rather than fresh.
The batter itself was very thick as others have commented on, but the muffins were light once cooked.
This is the best blueberry muffin recipe I have ever found!
The almond extract gives a wonderful flavor.
I am heavy handed with the sugar topping.
My family thought these muffins came from a bakery.
This recipe is a favorite in my home!
It helps keep them from settling to the bottom of the muffins as they bake.
This is a favorite in our house.
These muffins are not only flavorful but moist as well!
Definitely cake-like and sweet.
The muffins still had a nice sweetness.
I imagine the berries are also a factor as some are tarter than others.
Any chance these would still be good substituting applesauce for the sugar or lowering the sugar content somehow?
Glad you like them, Amy!
Other than that I love you recipes.
I have metric measurements, too!
In the right corner of the recipe, there is a button where you can toggle between metric and cup measures.
Lovely recipe and I will make again.
I did not look st any reviews just found your recipe and made them.
I was a little skeptical when the batter was quite thick like cookie dough.
They rose beautifully, I left them in for almost 30 minutes perhaps a tad too long, as the tops were very crunchy but not burnt.
They are very moist and delicious, the only issue I had was the tops on my muffins separated from the bottoms.
I did not use paper liners but casino blueberry muffin coconut oil in the muffin tins.
Nothing was stuck in the bottom, we just laughed about this and enjoyed the crunchy tops.!
Thanks, I would make this recipe again!
I have made these blueberry muffins twice now.
They are simply delicious.
The only thing I changed was the sprinkling of the turbinado sugar.
I combined 2 tablespoons each of brown sugar, butter, and flour and added 2 teas.
Mixed together until crumbly and sprinkled on top before baking.
Very moist — the almond extract adds a nice flavor to them.
Donna They are Not enough STARS I would give a least 10 Stars, never got a better recipe any were THANK YOU!
Have a great day!
I tried this recipe this morning and I love how moist and rich they turned out.
Nice with a cup of coffee, no need for extra butter and the sweetness was perfect.
I love your web site and the recipes, encourages me to try even more of them.
I am checking them off as I try them I made this recipe exactly the way it describes and checked and cross checked the ingredients and their quantities.
All seem to be correct.
Even then the batter turned out very thick, almost like cookie dough and then they took almost an hour to bake, had a very cracked top and very crumbly overall.
Any idea what went wrong?
So sorry you had trouble!
It sounds to me like a measuring issue as the batter should not be thick like cookie dough.
Is it possible you added an additional cup of flour by mistake?
Or forgot the eggs or milk?
Tips after making the muffins, which I love btw.
Would double vanilla if not using almond extract next time.
This was my second attempt at baking — tried the NYTimes which were a fail for me.
I did take the advice of other bakers and dusted the blueberry with a little flour so as not to fall to the bottom of the muffin.
This has never happened to me, they are delicious just not so pretty.
Maybe because we lined the muffin cups holders with canola oil?
Hi Shantell, sorry to hear you had a problem with these rising!
Was the oven completely preheated before you put the muffins in?
Was your baking powder really old?
Can you make this recipe without the almond extract, only read more vanilla?
My nephew is allergic to nuts.
I made these today.
Again Jen, your recipe is spot on.
The muffins were moist, delicious and now a household favourite.
Just made these muffins and think they are absolutely delicious.
I took a chance and used buttermilk instead of milk because I had just the right amount left over from two of your other fabulous recipes that I tried.
I also added cranberries.
This recipe, like all your recipes, are keepers.
Thank you for all that you do, Jenn.
You always make me look good!!!!!
I would not do more than 25 minutes Wow, I thought 30 minutes was a tad too short.
Mine were not dark at all — a nice light golden color — and definitely were not over cooked.
I could have left them in a couple of minutes more.
Nonetheless they were very good.
Maybe the recipe called for slightly too many blueberries.
Almost a bb pudding.
I had the same experience.
Although I baked them for 30 mind, my muffins were dry and a little tough at the top.
These muffins truly are the best!
Anywhere I bring them, EVERYONE loves them!
Thank you Jen for sharing your wonderful recipes!
BEST blueberry muffin recipe EVER!!!
I also made a streusel topping with flour, brown sugar, butter and chopped pecans and sprinkled it over the muffin tops and baked them.
I froze the cooled click the following article and pull 2 at a time out of the freezer to thaw for a mid morning coffee break.
I microwave them for about 15 seconds to warm them and the topping is still crunchy.
They came out of the oven looking like gourmet muffins.
Definitely will be making these again and again!!
These were truly outstanding!
This was simple and incredibly good.
I used frozen blueberries which I coated with 1 T flour.
Thank you for a keeper recipe!
Hi Jenn, These blueberry muffins are the BEST!
I have made them many times and they are always delicious.
My husband and I love cranberry muffins and I was wondering if I could substitute the blueberries for cranberries and if so, would you suggest any additional tweaks to the recipe.
I followed the recipe to a tee using fresh blueberries.
Like all of your recipes, another delicious, fail proof recipe.
I made these for Breakfast the day after Thanksgiving, using fresh blueberries.
They came out perfectly and were all gone in an hour.
We have made many blueberry muffin recipes and this was the best, definitely a keeper.
I will be trying the base recipe with other berries, in the future.
These are simply perfection, Jenn!
They are so delicious and come together so easily.
Am making them again this morning.
My husband absolutely loved these muffins.
I have made two alterations both of which were a hit.
The first time I made the recipe as instructed, but added about a tblsp of lemon zest and a couple of tblsp of lemon juice while slightly reducing the milk to make up for click to see more difference in wet ingredients and they were sensational.
I love the combination of blueberries and lemon.
The second alteration was substituting raspberries which was also delicious.
Thanks for another great recipe!
I made these a few days ago and they were delicious!
It made the batter pretty cold and stiff so filling the muffin tin was more difficult.
So I would definitely recommend fresh blueberries.
But either way they are delicious!
Best blueberry muffin indeed!
Just wondering if I could make a Keto version of this… can I substitute all-purpose flour with almond or coconut flour?
And swerve instead of the sugar?
Hi Eunice, so glad you enjoyed them!
PS, once cooled the muffins released from the paper, l am on my 3rd batch.
Wish l could give this recipe more stars!
I commit gry casino do pobrania za darmo for these muffins this morning, they were delicious but stuck to the cupcake papers.
Hope you enjoy the muffins!
The elevation is 3600 ft.
Should I adjust this recipe or do you think I am okay as is?
But you may find helpful.
Hope you enjoy the muffins!
Absolutely LOVED these muffins — cant wait to use the base recipe to make other types of muffins!
Thank you so much for sharing this.
I love this recipe!
So many blueberry muffins taste too sweet and cakey and they are lacking in blueberry flavor.
This one is so fresh tasting, with plenty of blueberries.
I loved the touch of sugar on top that added a crunch!
This has become a new family favorite!
This recipe is fantastic!
I actually made the recipe in a loaf pan and it turned out wonderful, so moist and flavored perfectly.
Thank you for posting!
My husband loved them too.
Many thanks for sharing, they are YUM!
The best blueberry muffins says it all!
After making the first batch, my whole family was hooked.
We love this recipe.
Thank you for sharing!
My daughter found this recipe just searching around.
We made them exactly what the recipe called for, and they were so draw? playtech casino platform this />Sadly, one recipe, does only make 12 muffins.
Will definitely make them again and again!
These muffins were delicious!!
Blueberry muffins are one of my favorite things to eat in the morning or any time of day really… and I have been looking for a good no fuss recipe.
This one hit the mark!
It will definitely be my new go to recipe.
I made these in big ramekins greased with a little butter instead of muffin trays and tins and it worked great!
You just might have to add extra baking time to make sure it cooks thoroughly.
These muffins, did not last long in our home.
SO glad I tried it and so glad to have found this website!
I made these and they were fantastic.
I used wild blueberries.
The almond essence certainly enhanced the flavor.
My friends love these muffins and are always asking when I will be making them again.
I also converted the recipe and made jumbo muffins.
I used a recipe converter I found on the web.
They came out perfectly.
Made these muffins a few times — title is spot on!
Good the next day too!
My grandson and I have made these several times and they are always a big hit.
These truly are some of the best muffins I have ever tasted!
I made them with frozen blueberries instead of fresh and they turned out wonderfully.
I made them with lactose free milk and no almond extract due to allergies and they turned out amazing.
My kids and husband love them!!
Absolutely the best blueberry muffins ever, so tasty and moist.
I have a question: can I double the recipe?
I wanted to try to make these a little more on the healthy side.
So i did some subbing and they turned out great!
I use half flour half coconut flour.
I also used half coconut sugar and maple syrup.
I currently only own a mini muffin tin.
So i cut some time off the baking and i really like the way they came out.
Perfect to take into work…or give to the neighbors.
Followed it to the T, turned learn more here amazing!
Excellent texture, just the right amount of sweetness, the almond definitely brings everything out.
Jenn does not disappoint!
Ya know, everyone claims they have the best recipe for blueberry muffins, but this one really is!
I am a big fan of almond extract and it compliments the blueberries so well.
The cake was fluffy and moist, too.
I have made thousands of blueberry muffins over my 63 years.
This is THE BEST recipe ever.
Flavor and texture are perfect.
Thank you, thank you!
So delicious and easy!!!
Made these for my family and everyone loved them.
I wish I could give more than 5 stars!
These muffins are the best!
Love, love, love them.
Hi Laura, the type of sugar called for in baking recipes has a significant impact on the texture and browning.
I made these muffins for the first time tonight and they came out of the oven exactly as they look in the picture.
I definitely will be saving this recipe for future use.
These were easy to make and smell delicious!
But, your muffin pan must be bigger because they are really overflowing!
Hope that they turn out ok!
Jennifer, your Best Blueberry Muffins recipe is absolutely wonderful!
I made them tonight and they are totally delicious!
My family and I love them!
Looking forward to making them again!
Directions are clear and on point!!
So easy to make and I love the raw sugar topping I always wondered how bakeries did that!!
Hope you enjoy the muffins!
They came out just like the photos.
I essentially tried this recipe yesterday but tweaked a few things and LOVED it!
I subbed a tablespoon of the butter with browned butter and subbed the sugar for half coconut sugar and half beet sugar.
These turned out terrific!
Thank you for the recipe!
I halved the recipe.
This really is the perfect blueberry muffin recipe.
The sugar topping gives it just the right amount of sweetness.
This will be my go to blueberry muffin recipe.
I love making these muffins but for some reason, after I take them out of my oven and allow them to cool, the tops become flat.
What should I do to keep those beautiful round muffin tops?
Also, take a peek at the date on your baking powder.
The name does not lie- these really are the best muffins ever!
I have made them twice now and they are the PERFECT muffins- moist, sweet, and just delicious.
The batter is great and the almond extract adds the perfect flavor.
I have tried the recipe exactly as it is published, and they turned out perfect both times.
Thank you so much for this recipe- I doubt I will even try another blueberry muffin recipe since this one is just great!
Thank you so much for this recipe!
This was my first time making blueberry muffins from scratch and they turned out great.
I brought them into work today for my department and got so many compliments.
I will definitely be making them again.
They sunk and spread over the top of my pans.
Baked 35m as 30 was still raw.
The only difference was that I mixed by hand.
Do you think that was the problem?
Can all purpose flour be substituted with self-rising flour and eliminating the baking powder and salt?
I followed your directions exactly for muffins with dinner tonight with our grandkids here and hit a home run.
They are excellent and the batter is adaptable.
I followed the recipe as written and they turned out beautifully.
They are full of flavor and the turbinado sugar on was the perfect touch.
I think the key is to follow the recipe exactly without taking any shortcuts.
Great recipe, and adaptable too!
I tried this first with blueberries and it was amazing!
It came out AMAZING!
Hi Jenn, may I know how to measure half cup of butter?
How heavy is half stick of butter in grams?
Thanks Hi May, a half cup of butter is the equivalent of 113 grams.
This recipe actually has metric conversions if that would check this out helpful.
The texture is cake-like but still very delicious!
My berries didnt sink, i didnt toss them in flour either.
I just used a softened but still a bit cold butter, cold eggs and milk out of the fridge and it gave me a very thick batter.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!
These are the best muffins I ever made!
My grandchildren begged for more!
Everything I have tried from your site is delicious.
So glad I found your site!
If you make these you will never eat another muffin again.
These were good, but not the best blueberry muffins.
The texture was very light and cakelike — reminded me of a Costco blueberry muffin.
Muffins tasted good but for some reason they sunk a little.
What did I do wrong?
Made about 3 extra muffins.
Hi Lorraine, Sorry to hear the muffins sank!
Also, you may want to take a peek at the date on your baking powder.
My family really loves this recipe.
I have made them several times, with no changes to the recipe.
My future son-in-law raved about these muffins to his mother.
Went on and on about how awesome they are.
Both about how they look and how they taste.
I have made this recipe about 5 times now, and it has become my favorite muffin recipe.
It makes it so yummy and bright!
Thank you, Karen Hi Karen, I wish I could give you a different suggestion, but tossing fruit, nuts, etc.
Are you using frozen or fresh?
Followed your recipe exactly — ingredients, directions, oven temp, demera sugar on top…tested with cake tester — ready in about 32 minutes….
Hi Michelle, while the sugar does help the muffins to brown a bit on top, the pictures do seem to make them look a bit darker.
I suspect it was the lighting that makes them appear darker.
So easy and delicious.
I used a cookie scoop and filled the cups perfectly.
Super light and fluffy with the nice tartness of the blueberries.
I made these muffins last night and they turned out amazing!
Indeed the almond extract complements nicely the vanilla flavor and fresh blueberries.
Very easy to make, very flavorful and they look great too!!!
Really are the best.
More fruit-y than your average muffin.
Even when we reduce the sugar for health reasons these never disappoint These really ARE the best blueberry muffins!
I have made them several times now, using both fresh and frozen blueberries.
I also made them with half frozen blueberries and half fresh raspberries one time.
My husband and son love these!
So do the ladies at my office.
They all asked for the recipe whend I brought some to share.
These muffins freeze well for longer storage too.
I make them often.
Thank you for this recipe!
Made them last summer when the visit web page were plentiful and sweet.
Easy recipe to follow, and everything tasted and looked as it should.
I will definitely make these again.
This will be my base muffin recipe from now on.
The mixture looked a little dry, but I went with it without interfering.
These are great and super easy to mix up!!
So much better than a mix!!
Love your recipes and instructions!
I did these muffins most recently and they were delicious!
I loved the sugary topping and loved how they were still good the next day!
Would there be any modifications for making with gluten free flour and for using frozen blueberries?
I absolutely love this recipe.
I took a shortcut in making it and they came out fantastic.
After mixing flour with baking powder in a bowl, I added rest of the ingredients, except milk and just roughly mixed them the with spatula.
I warmed the milk in the microwave, just enough to be lukewarm and added to the bowl.
After that I mixed it with the mixer, until it was smooth.
Last steps were the same: folding blueberries and topping with sugar.
They are so delicious!
Your recipes are always my go to favorites!
These blueberry muffins are the BEST I have ever made.
Your lemon bars are also a favorite and just getting ready to make the chocolate chip cookies.
You have a way of perfecting whatever I am looking for…… I find myself always double checking to see if you have a version of what I want to make.
This is the first time I made blueberry muffins and I was so happy with how they turned out!
They came out perfectly and the whole family loved it.
I would definitely make these again!
I even had more batter than for 12 muffins and got 18!
I put them in the oven and then… they fell apart.
I was really disappointed because they smelled awesome baking, and they looked on the inside like they would have tasted yummy.
Is there any chance you might have measured something incorrectly?
These are the best excuse for eating cake for breakfast!
The touch of almond extract is nice.
I had one, warm from the oven for part of my Easter breakfast, along with your strawberries and oranges with mint.
My muffin tins are 40+ years old, so they are not real large.
I actually got 18 nice muffins from this recipe.
Jen Can I make this in a square pan instead of muffin pan?
If yes, how long should I bake it.
And would oven still be 350 degrees?
Lmk know how it turns out!
I also have a fan oven and found 170 deg C for 27 mins was perfect.
I had no almond essence so subbed 60g of the flour with ground almonds, worked well!
I also used Soya milk, also perfect.
Will make these again with slightly less.
Add a hint of ground cinnamon as well… It will not alter the flavor.
I am big fan of almond extract so I tend to add a bit more than it called for!
Hello is granulated sugar castor sugar the fine stuff?
Or is it the same sugar you put in a coffee?
I made the muffins this weekend for our brunch.
It was so delicious and moist!
I thought the recipe may have called for too much blueberries when I was folding it in but it turned out perfect.
Thank you for the inspirations and culinary adventures!
Thank you for a fantastic blueberry muffin recipe!
Your muffins make the perfect on-the-go breakfast for me and my 14-year old!
We are on the road super early so we normally put a couple in the toaster oven for a few mins, grab with our travel cups of tea and hit the road!
I am enjoying your recipes!
Made the banana chocolate marble bread today and it was excellent!!
Love your website and recipes!!
Would King Arthur Whole Wheat flour work?
I read you suggested the KA White Whole Wheat.
My local grocery stores only carry the Whole Wheat.
Huong If I use larger muffin tins, what adjustments to the time or temperature do I need to make??
Do you have the recipe so that the flour is in grams??
I do use a dry measuring cup This will be our go to blueberry muffin recipe…Nice and dense, not light and crumbly.
Hope you enjoy them!
Jenn, your recipe is amazing.
I also had to cut back on the salt because I used Kosher.
Thank you for sharing!
These muffins are ranked 5 stars for a reason.
I made them for my family and my 90 year old mother.
These muffins were loved by all.
I now have the only blueberry muffin recipe that I need.
I used coconut oil instead of butter and coconut sugar instead of white sugar.
They turned out perfect.
Was the amount of salt correct?
Hi ,I made these a few days ago.
I followed the recipe, these muffins were amazing.
I will be making these again, thank you!
These are the BEST Blueberry muffins!
They are just sweet enough.
I made another recipe from another website in the morning.
Ran to the store to get some more blueberries and made your recipe.
Made them today, followed exactly, but not my favorite.
I used frozen since I freeze many berries, maybe that was it.
My family likes the all receipe too does for bbbbb muffin better.
Do you think it would be fine to do?
I am just wondering what type of milk you would recommend for this recipe.
I need to make a batch of chocolate chip muffins for preschool this week… would this recipe substitute well?
Also, any hints article source mini muffins vs regular size?
Hope the kiddos enjoy!
I made these and they are so good!
I even used frozen blueberries.
I topped them with the topping I made for my Old Glory pie that I had left over.
I made some mini-sized ones and they burn on the bottom without a cupcake liner.
But this recipe is great and I will be making these again!
This recipe deserves all these great reviews.
I made it as described with bkueberries, but also with cherries alone or combined.
I use a mix of white and wheat flour and by mistake have used more almond flavor.
I also have used cream instead of milk.
Most people like the cherry best.
They are from our tree.
Can be baked in small loaf pans.
Also frosted or glazed as cupcakes.
I made these lovely muffins today but I wonder if they would be better with less vanilla and a tad more almond extract.
Other than tweaking those flavorings they are perfect!
These were done in 25 minutes in my oven at 375 degrees.
Just made these for the second time and they turned out fantastic again!
I doubled the recipe this time so I can freeze some for later.
I am pregnant and craving blueberry muffins so they really hit the spot!
Thank you for this and your other fabulous recipes.
I had a craving for blueberry muffins.
I always check Once Upon A Chef first to see if you have a recipe.
Everything I have made from your site has been delicious.
These muffins did not disappoint, they are SO good!
Since the berries are not in season I used quality canned blueberries and drained them well.
I also substituted almond milk with 1tsp of cider vinegar for the milk because of an allergy.
Everything else was followed exactly.
My friends and family loved them.
Thank you for always making all of us look good!
I always substitute almond milk in recipes and have never added the vinegar.
When I had to stop cooking with milk I researched a lot of vegan recipes.
Many of them called for cider vinegar in the almond or soy milk, including a vegan blueberry muffin recipe.
Typically the vinegar and almond milk would be a substitute for buttermilk but the vinegar ratio was lower for the muffins.
Also, I made these again and I tried raspberries in place of the blueberries.
Has anyone made these with gluten free flour blends?
I used to make this recipe all the time before I discovered the food allergies that were ruining my body.
Would love to keep using it!!
Hi Kait, It looks like several readers have use gluten free flour blends to make these and have been happy with the results.
My family requested blueberry muffins so I searched for a recipe and came upon this one.
They turned out both tasting and looking amazing.
This is now my go to recipe for muffins.
Do follow the helpful tips included in the recipe.
I leave off the sugar on top and they are still the most delicious muffins we have ever had.
They are easy to make and delicious every time.
These were the best blueberry muffins I have ever made.
The sugar on top was such a nice addition to have just a touch of added sweetness and crunch Jenn, new to your site but am looking forward to trying several recipes during Christmas.
My question is…how do the Blueberry Muffins freeze?
I wanted to make them 2 weeks ahead?
Thank you Absolutely love these… Make them at least twice a month.
Take them for a breakfast at the office.
Husband will snarf two before they are cool.
They were super easy.
Other than turning the muffins purple, they are just fine.
I use lemon vanilla and regular in mine, I also added 2 heaping teaspoons of ground flax seed.
They were very good.
Hi Jennifer, thanks for the recipe, it was amazing, definitely the best blueberry muffins ever if you like cakey and light, not hearty and coarse-grained muffins The almond extract was a bit too much for me so the 2nd time round I cut that in half, and I subbed half of the flour for whole wheat and it was just as good.
The muffins are a bit heavier in texture and taste a bit more tart due to the blueberries than the cupcakes.
continue reading love love this recipe!!
I have to say I think this is my favourite blueberry muffin recipe ever.
I cooked them with very big fresh blueberries so I think I could have cooked them longer?
My husband turned the oven to 325degrees on convection oven and said that would be the same as the suggested temp.
What do you think?
I am a beginner and proud to bring them to work tomorrow!
Hope everyone at work likes the muffins!
These muffins are AMAZING!!
They were perfectly made to your exact measurements.
I want to make raspberry muffins, do you think the same recipe would follow for rasberries?
Maybe add some lemon extract or zest?
What do you think?
So glad you liked them, Addie!
Yes, I think raspberries would work here.
I make these for breakfast often and they always turn out perfect.
I have a 6 muffin pan, so I cut the recipe in half.
Hi Rachel, If you plan to make them in advance, I would place them in an airtight container lined top and bottom with paper towels to absorb moisture.
Made these recently with fresh, small wild berries.
Normally use a jumbo pan but decided that a regular one would do.
No problem removing casino blueberry muffin />I love the texture, very moist, and lovely rise.
I could really taste it in the muffin.
I used a crumb topping instead of raw sugar.
I would definitely use this recipe again without the extract and with less sugar.
I have made these twice now and I can say they are the best muffins I have ever made thank you so much.
I bake a lot, and these are DEFINITELY well-titled—they are the best blueberry muffins ever.
The one thing I would caution—make sure you do use the paper liners and spray the heck out of the muffin tin and the liners—these babies stick and without the liner and with all those yummy blueberries they can fall apart.
We love these muffins!
They are just beautiful when combing out of the oven and serving.
I am wondering if I could use the same recipe and making it in a loaf pan.
What do you think?
Love this muffin recipe!
Hi Sam, I give metric measurements for most of my recipes.
Left off the top sprinkled sugar preference.
Made as is, except a splash of Limoncello along with the extracts, since I had it on hand.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank You for sharing your recipes and passion with the world!
I just tried this recipe for the first time.
Oh my goodness, fantastic.
I added a touch of cinnamon and made a crumb topping for them.
This will be in my permanent recipe file.
Makes great baked donuts too!
I added a splash of maple syrup instead of almond extract and for the topping I mixed together brown sugar, cinnamon, and maple syrup.
I will definitely be using this recipe again!
I increased the vanilla to 2 tsps.
My family keeps asking me to make them over and over again.
I was hoping you could tell me how long and at what temperature i should bake them using a jumbo size muffin tin pan.
Best muffin recipes ever tried, i halved the recipe and made 6 instead of 12 and it turned out great!
Muffin was moist and delicious!
Would definitely use this recipe again!
Simple recipie, followed to the letter, amazing muffins!
Had I made adjustments, would they be better?
I used a muffin top pan and it worked great, 12 big muffin tops.
HI Kristine, So glad you enjoyed the muffins!
Although it sounds like these were perfect as is, here are some.
This is the time of year to try these!
Fresh blueberries are in season and my markets and grocery stores are full of them.
Never made a muffin in my life before now.
My son declared them to be the best blueberry muffins he ever ate.
The only thing I did was use 50% whole wheat flour and 50% all purpose.
Actually I baked 2 batches, one I used 100% Gold Medal whole wheat flour.

"Periodic mass extinctions & Planet X model Reconsidered" - Royal Astronomical Society - Leak Project Casino blueberry muffin

Jordan Marsh’s Blueberry Muffins Recipe - NYT Cooking Casino blueberry muffin

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Preheat oven to 180 C / Gas 4. Grease and flour a muffin tin or line with paper cases. Sieve flour, baking powder and salt together and set aside. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs and beat well. Add milk and flour mixture. Beat until combined. Stir in blueberries. Fill muffin tin 2/3 full. Bake at 180 C / Gas 4 for 25 to.


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